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Medical (Liquid Chromatography Instrument)
Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd
Country: Singapore
Category: Transit
Liquid Chromatography Instrument is a highly sensitive and delicate medical instrument in the analytical chemistry toolbox, with nett weight around 22 kg.

A green and innovative packaging solution developed to meets ISTA 3(A) standards for protection of equipment, and improves productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

Innovative One Step Un-Boxing Experience - Ergonomic design included unique handles to facilitate ease of lifting equipment out of the packaging during unboxing. This simple and efficient solution for lifting product out of the towering box provides for safe and fuss-free handling of the 22-kg equipment, thereby minimising damages to sensitive product, and protecting workers from injury.

Smaller Footprint, Larger Capacity -The top-down design allows the number of packaged equipment to increase from 4 to 8 equipment per pallet, doubling the capacity while using the same footprint.

Less packaging waste - Packages use less packaging material, lowering the unit cost of the packaging and freight.
Major Product Claims 1) Environmental Factors and Savings • less packaging waste (reduced by 50%) • less storage space (reduced by 50%). • lower freight costs • RoHS and REACH compliant 2) Increase Operational Efficiency and Productivity • Unique unboxing experience with ergonomic handle design to facilitate the lifting of the 22 kg equipment out of the tower package, provides for ease and fuss-free handling of equipment, thereby minimising damage to sensitive product, as well as injury to workers.