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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • What are the categories of WorldStar?
    WorldStar has 19 main categories and 5 special award categories, visit the categories page on our website for more info.


  • Can I apply for more than one category?
    Yes, you can apply for as much categories that matches your packages.


  • If I choose more than one category, do I have to pay additional fee?
    Yes, every category you choose is considered a separate entry. The fee for first entry is 650€ and every additional entry is for 500€ from the same company.


  • We don’t know what category we should apply to?
    You can learn more about each category by visiting the categories page on our website, and if your package doesn’t fit any of the categories you can apply to the (Other) category.


  • How to ship this package to WorldStar?
    You don’t have to ship the package, you just need to upload max 5 digital images with combined files size less than 5 MB in 'jpg','png','gif','jpeg' format only. The images need to reflect your package from different dimensions remember you will be judged based on the pictures and concept notes.


  • Who can Participate?
    Packs that have won recognition in a recognised national or regional packaging competition recognized by WPO, either in the present year or the previous year are eligible to apply for WorldStar competition. WorldStar is open to the whole packaging community, whether a manufacturer, converter, supplier, processor, packer filler, brand owner, end user, packaging designer or marketeer. Click here to see the list of endorsed competitions by WPO


  • How I will know that my application is completed?
    After completing and submitting your online application and the payment fees an email confirmation from the competition will be sent to your email registered in your application to inform you that your application has been success-fully submitted to WorldStar.


  • Can I edit my application after submitting it online?
    You can edit your application anytime, before the deadline.


  • Can we apply jointly with another company?
    Yes, in WorldStar we accept joint applications for the same entry, but please note that only one complementary trophy is awarded for the wining entry. You can always order additional trophies.


  • Can I apply directly to WorldStar?
    No, in order to be eligible to apply for WorldStar you need first to be a winner in a recognized packaging competition, either in the present year or the previous year. Click here to see the list of endorsed competitions by WPO


  • Can I apply with a prototype package?
    No, based on the competition's rule, the package have to be produced and placed in the market.


  • If I applied to several categories and won 1 of them do I win also with the other categories?
    No, every category you choose is considered a separate entry and will be judged separately.


Hope we answered your questions

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