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Paper packaging with improved repetitive cushioning performance
KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.
Country: Japan
Category: Electronics
In order to replace the plastic foam cushioning materials with the paper cushioning materials for packaging of our newly developed printer, we worked to improve the repetitive cushioning performance (cushioning performance against multiple impacts), which was a weakness of the paper cushioning materials. Unlike plastic foam cushioning materials, paper cushioning materials do not have resilience, and therefore their cushioning performance are decreased by multiple impacts. Therefore, by adopting a support shape inside the corrugated cardboard cushioning materials and a shape that is difficult to fall down and break for the pulp molds, the repetitive cushioning performance was improved. As a result, the impact value was reduced by up to 61% in the test of dropping five times consecutively on four sides for repetitive cushioning performance evaluation, and we realized adoption of the packaging using the paper cushioning materials.