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K3® r100 - self separating cup
Greiner Packaging International GmbH
Country: Austria
Category: Food
Doing the work for you: self-separation for outstanding recyclability
K3® r100 is a product innovation that has made the impossible possible: separating cardboard wraps and plastic packaging from one another during the waste disposal process without the need for human intervention. Unlike all previous K3® packaging solutions, an outstanding level of recyclability can be achieved without having to rely on end consumers to separate the items correctly. Instead, the cardboard separates from the plastic completely on its own during the waste disposal process. There is no glue dot between plastic and cardboard and each one can be easily recycled.
More than 90% recyclable: Cyclos-HTP has certified that K3® r100 with a standard aluminum foil is more than 90% recyclable in Germany and France. By using a PP seal, the recyclability can even be increased to as much as 98%. Class A recyclability rating: RecyClass has also awarded Class A status – its best rating for the recyclability of a packaging item – to the plastic part of the K3® r100 packaging. The cardboard’s recyclability varies due to differences in the recycling infrastructure across the EU.