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Greenis Dispenser
Dermalogica, Coradin
Country: USA
Category: Health and Personal Care
Innovation: Traditionally dosing droppers are heavy weight glass or multi-material. This new dropper innovation combines new dispensing and precise gesture for the consumer with more sustainable execution in an e-commerce friendly component.
Premium Aesthetic and improved ergonomics: Brand identity and quality perception have been maintained vs previous pack while making this pack more sustainable than the previous one. Side actuation offers more precise, intuitive and ergonomic gesture for comfortable dispensing.
Extra care on circularity and waste reduction: This pack is designed to be recyclable in PP Stream: - Dropper made at 97% from Polypropylene (PP) except the side actuation button made in TPE, compatible with PP recycling stream (3% in weight) as certified by independent Institute Cyclos. The inks used are non-bleeding, cover very limited surface, and respect EUPIA exclusion compliance as per Recyclers Associations latest guidelines.
Recycled content: Pack uses 75% Post Consumer Recycled plastic.
Plastic reduction: The number of components utilized for this package was minimized to 3 (cap, plug, body). The packaging weight has also been optimized reducing weight from previous pack by 18.6%. Design for e-commerce, the pack is resisting to tough distribution conditions reducing waste generated by damaged product during delivery. Consumer experience: the push button was designed on the side to improve the ergonomics of the application and increase accuracy. - Increase intuitive design. - Precise dosing (pressure control between 2 fingers like a pen) - Reduce consumer use damage (more robust button and intuitive gesture). Collaboration: Dermalogica, a Los Angeles based global brand teamed up with French manufacturer Coradin to work closely in very early stages to develop this first to market, innovative dispenser.