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Microwavable POP BOX
Country: India
Category: Food
One of the most innovative packaging developed for consumers to enjoy hot & fresh POPCORN straight from the box. This PULL & POP microwavable packaging solution works as a POP BOX delivering consumer a rich & flavorful experience. The structural design of the POP BOX is innovatively curated, such that the pack works in three steps concept with the consumer starting the ‘first step of tearing the two handles of the pack’, ‘second step of pulling both the handles to completely expand the box’ & then the ‘third step of putting the box in the microwave oven’. This ultimate innovation pack with the all new microwave POPCORN is available in a non-collapsible POP BOX. These packs have been printed & converted in the state of the art BRCGS certified packaging factory, which is also powered by green energy generated from wind mills & solar renewable resources.
This consumer-friendly POP BOX has been launched in multiple flavors. The package is given a corn look by means of the shades of brown, blue and yellow depicting the fresh flavors through offset printing technology. The entire POP BOX is given a matty finish, giving the pack a modish elite look. The fine quality print, high end intricate cutting & creasing technology and precise folding & gluing, all these operations put together has evolved into a premium POP box impacting the minds of consumer with an exquisite experience. The raw materials are aptly selected and the structural design of the pack is intricately curated and developed such that the carton box can be placed inside the OTG post expansion of the compressed pack by following the instructions printed on the pack and on application of heat the popcorn POPs up within the non-collapsible POP BOX without any damages.