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KOi Foaming Handwash Starter Kit and Refillable Tablets
Country: Australia and New Zealand
Category: Health and Personal Care
With only 50% of the 6 million tonnes of packaging put on to the market in Australia being recycled, reusable alternatives are critical to reducing single use packaging.

As one of the largest retailers in Australia, Coles know that their customers are continuously looking for ways to reduce their use of packaging. To help reduce single use packaging and support the transition to reusable models, Coles worked with their suppliers to develop the innovative KOi Foaming Handwash Starter Kit and Refillable Tablets. The tablet is the handwash and can be simply added to the packaging in the household using tap water.

The refillable format helps to eliminate problematic and single use plastics and meet the 2025 National Packaging Targets for the region. If all purchases of the KOi Handwash liquid bottle transitioned to the refillable bottle, Coles would save 250,000 bottles or 14 tonnes of single use plastic each year.
A customer facing reuse system provides a range of sustainability benefits. Key achievements and notable outcomes include: Reduction of single use plastic: the PP wrap and cardboard box used for the tablets is approximately 85% lighter than a traditional single use handwash bottle. To provide further packaging reductions, the tablets in the Starter Kit are unwrapped inside the bottle. Reduction of virgin plastic: The bottle has been designed with 30% recycled HDPE, reducing the use of virgin materials in manufacturing (and 10% above the target set for the region). Optimised transport efficiencies: The tablet packaging is smaller and approximately 85% lighter than a traditional single use handwash bottle, reducing overall pallet weight by 47% and increasing quantity of cartons per pallet by 38%. Consumer labelling - The pack clearly displays the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) to help customers dispose of the packaging correctly and ensure optimal recovery.