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Smurfit Kappa GmbH
Country: Germany
Category: Packaging Materials and Components
Shock-sensitive products are often packed in shipping packaging consisting of a paper-based cover with a glued insert made of plastic-based foam padding or bubble foam. According to a study by the German Consumer Initiative, packaging made of several materials is hardly ever separated by consumers.*

The vision to replace the foam with a 100 % fibre-based alternative emerged from the standard market solution. Two years of development have resulted in tissueWave. The primary material for tissueWave is a soft, mouldable cellulose. The embossed cellulose is formed into a corrugated shape, fixed and finally glued into the envelope. The innovative construction, which resembles corrugated cardboard, can be used as cushioning padding protection for sensitive products of all kinds. The entire packaging can withstand multiple loads and can simply be disposed of in the paper bin after use, without additional separation of the materials.

tissueWave, the sustainable application for foam!