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AVEO 100% PCR Aerosol Cans
Country: Germany
Category: Health and Personal Care
The new aerosol cans for the German drugstore Müller’s private label brand AVEO consist of 100% post-consumer-recycled (PCR) aluminium. As the recycling process of aluminium consumes only a fraction of the energy needed for primary production, PCR cans have a significantly lower carbon footprint than comparable standard cans. Unlike other PCR cans on the market, the slugs for the LINHARDT PCR cans are produced without the usual second melting process, because the rolled strips for slug production can be cast directly from the molten aluminium scrap. This way, both the energy-consuming second melting process and the transport from the re-smelter to the slug producer are eliminated leading to the lowest carbon footprint of only 1.1 kg CO2e / kg PCR aluminium slugs (cradle-to-gate). The AVEO cans are decorated with mineral-oil free colours (with possible exception of gold and silver). A reasonable combination that further contributes to the can's overall sustainability.