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Jeju Samdasoo RE:born (CR-PET)
Jeju Province Development Co.
Country: South Korea
Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Jeju Samdasoo RE:born (CR-PET) is the first drinking water product in South Korea to apply chemical recycling technology. We developed a package that applied 30% chemical recycled material in collaboration with PET chip manufacturer SK Chemicals and released it first time in the Korea.

A packaging is produced as a preform by mixing 70% virgin PET chip and 30% chemical recycled PET chip, 100% recyclable, and label-free PET bottle. In order to increase Eco-friendliness, this label-free product uses colorless bottles and caps, and reduces plastic by nearly 280 tons a year by lightweight 10%.

Jeju Samdasoo RE:born (CR-PET) was judged to be suitable for food containers for drinking water quality standards and container dissolution standards of the Ministry of Environment of Korea and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Jeju Samdasoo RE:born chemical recycled PET (CR-PET) refers to PET made again using a “depolymerization” technology that recovers raw materials that can produce clean PET through a chemical reaction of collected PET bottles. Through chemical recycling, mixed plastic waste can be effectively and continually reprocessed into usable material. It means plastic bottles can be used repeatedly as plastic bottles, which is the point of the “plastic resource circulation” system. It has now mass-produced and started selling Jeju Samdasoo RE:born (CR-PET bottles of 30% of chemical recycled materials), and is currently developing PET bottles of 100% chemical recycled content.