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P&G ECOCLIC® Box for liquid laundry capsules
Procter and Gamble
Country: Belgium
Category: Household
Most important facts:
- From plastic to paper; saves up to 11,000 tons plastic/year (all P&G laundry capsules brands in Europe)
- Recyclable in paper stream
- Material is FSC certified and contains minimum 70% recycled fibers
- Significant transportation improvement: optimized pack dimensions and design delivers 50% more packs/pallet, reduce
# trucks within P&G facilities.
- Certified "Child Impeding Closure" CIC.
- Redesigned opening system and on pack communication significantly improving user experience and making opening
ergonomic and intuitive for adult consumers. Tested and validated with more than 2’000 consumers in Europe including
elderly and people with dexterity, sight and cognitive impairments.
- Included messages hidden inside the pack to encourage recycling “Empty?”recycle me! “
- Included 2 important features: newly created tactile marker and NaviLens technology, helping people with visual,
dexterity or cognitive impairments.
Detailed Description: P&G patent pending new packaging innovation has demonstrated to meet all requirements: - Solution is certified 'child impeding closure' - Fulfills moisture/capsules protection requirements - Recyclable in standard paper mill process, FSC certified and using 70% recycled fibers minimizing impact on the environment. - Pack dimensions engineered to optimize transportation (50% more packs/pallet) and to enable reducing number of trucks on roads. - Tactile marker embossed on the outside of the box on the top panel. Shaped like a washing machine. Developed by P&G helping people with sight loss identify buying detergent. - Navilens QR code, developed code for visually impaired. Once the NaviLens App is installed on a phone, you scan the code, it will open important information about the product, pack and ingredients via audio-description as well as large and readable text on your phone.