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Automotive glass roof transport packaging
Mosonpack Kft. and Dunapack Kft.
Country: Hungary
Category: Transit
We were requested to modernize the glass roof window packaging for our automotive partner BOS.
Previously, the product was transported on road within Europe and a mixture of wood and technical foam was used as packaging.
The customer wishes to use several product sizes/solutions in the future.
For this, it was always necessary to use new transport packaging units from this high-production-cost packaging device.
The goal of our project was to replace wood- and plastic-based packaging to exclusively corrugated paper-based packaging.
Additional customer request was for the design of packaging that would allow individual delivery.
This new packaging achieved positive results along the entire supply chain in both real-world and laboratory conditions.

The unique insert system met the requirements for each element of the multi-part product line during the packaging tests. In terms of flexibility, it rivals the properties of a technical foam. The specific cost of the packaging thus resulted in a 40% saving for the manufacturer. Uniform packaging results in a more efficient waste management process. It provides the customer with quantitative flexibility in deliveries and enables more favorable storage options. Our new packaging solution completely fits to the principles of the global program of packaging design for recycling published in the WPO’s guideline.