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Nexrier® - Eco-friendly packaging materials with high oxygen barrier properties based on protein
Country: South Korea
Category: Packaging Materials and Components
Nexrier® is an eco-friendly gas-blocking biodegradable barrier material that is made from protein-derived by-products such as milk and cheese.

This proprietary technology of Evercamtech not only can be applied to paper and biodegradable materials (PLA, PBAT, PGA, etc.) but also to other substrates such as OPP, BOPE, MOPE, etc. to manufacture high-barrier packaging materials with excellent recyclability.

Not only Nexrier® can be applied to food packaging that maintains freshness, but also to laminate tubes of cosmetics and household products, replacing conventional Al deposition or EVOH, which is currently used. In addition, it is an eco-friendly packaging material that can be applied to facial masks, face masks, and pharmaceutical packaging.
The figures related to eco-friendliness, packaging efficiency, and high functionality of Nexrier® compared to existing materials are as follows. 1. [REUSE]coating material using natural protein by-products, that is renewable raw materials. 2. [RECYCLE]According to the KCL(Korea-related institution) evaluation results, Nexrier® has excellent blocking properties, hence no need to use film with multi-layer. Films with Nexrier® are proved to be treated as "mono-material(single component material)" and evaluated as 'Excellent' in the evaluation of the packaging structure. 3. [REDUCE]EVOH needs to have at least a thickness of 12um to 50um to maintain high performance as a gas barrier, but Nexrier® can reach the same physical properties even with a thickness of 1~3um. 4. The environmental hazard assessment results 1) No hazardous substances were generated during REACH and FDA tests. 2) 96.3% reduction in LCL environmental impact assessment (resource depletion, global warming, etc.). 5. Certified Korean Green Technology Products confirmed as Green Technology.
Category: President Award
Special Award: Gold Award