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Country: Germany
Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverages
The PAPACKS® Fiber-Bottle is a 100% compostable and recyclable bottle made from renewable fiber materials. In combination with the PAPACKS® IMG, an injection molding granulate made of 100% organic composition, which is suitable for fine and detailed constructions, the Fiber-Bottle forms a viable substitute to conventional plastic/glass bottles.
The Fiber Bottle's applications are wide-ranging: from beverage to the household segments. The Fiber Bottle solves the recycling problem of glass and plastic bottles. Through an circular-economy- concept, we reduce packaging waste, as only compostable and reusable materials are given into circulation.
Category: SPECIAL AWARD - Sustainability
Special Award: Bronze Award
The Fiber Bottles are made through molded fiber technology, utilizing renewable organic sources such as industrial hemp or wood cellulose and is 100% recyclable, reusable and compostable. The sustainable advantage of molded fiber is that it can be made from a wide variety of cellulose materials, as a result leading to decrease of deforestation. Thus, the Fiber Bottle not only solves the current problem of excessive plastic consumption, but also the future problem of disproportionate deforestation for paper and fiber-based packaging. The technical manufacturing process we have developed makes it possible to produce the Fiber Bottle from a single cast. Our PAPACKS® Organic Coating, which is used to coat the inside of the bottle to create a barrier, is also fully compostable and recyclable. To provide the best overall solution for the Fiber Bottle, we use the PAPACKS® IMG so that a screwable closure is combined with our fiber castings to create a sustainable hybrid solution. In summary, the result is a fully compostable and recyclable bottle.
The Fiber Bottle forms a sustainable, transparent and comprehensible overall concept thanks to its versatility and the expansion options offered by the PAPACK® IMG. The Fiber Bottle is suitable for the circular economy approach and is made from fiber-based and recyclable raw materials. Therefore customers can easily understand the aspect of sustainability. In addition, the Fiber Bottle can reduce the total amount of plastic waste generated, so consumers can easily contribute to environmental protection. Companies are given new opportunities as the Fiber Bottle is used for different market segments and products in liquid and powder form. Thus, the Fiber Bottle establishes itself as the ultimate solution for the replacement and exchange of plastic and glass bottles.
Conventional glass bottles have the disadvantage of heavy weight, so Co2 emissions from transporting the bottles are high than fiber-based packaging products. The reuse/recycling process is much less costly for fiber castings than for glass and plastic. In addition, the Fiber Bottle can be fully composted within 6 weeks, saving unnecessary transportation for recycling and ultimately reducing Co2 emissions. This results in savings in transport costs and Co2 emissions. Ultimately, the amount of plastic waste generated by companies and consumers is also reduced.
There are no limits to the Fiber Bottle in terms of shape and appearance. Thus, the shape of the Fiber Bottle can be individually adapted to any transport process and make transport more sustainable. Unlike glass bottles, for example, the process of recycling and recyclability is not made more difficult by individual shapes. Ultimately, there are advantages in terms of storage and transport of products due to individual shapes that can be adapted to respective processes. This is because individual shapes allow proportionally more product contents to be transported and stored.
After the use of the product, the Fiber Bottle can easily be disposed via waste paper or compost bins. Due to the organic coating, the Fiber Bottle can be 100% recycled and serve as another raw material depot for further product packaging. With a focus on Cirular Economy, we are taking a new approach that offers a sustainable and functional packaging solution for all major industries worldwide Our solution meets all key requirements typically connected to shelf-life of the products in retail, material migration and much more. The future for sustainable bottles: - PAPACKS® Fiber Bottle 100% virgin fiber from renewable natural source, food-safe - PAPACKS® Organic Coating 100% Plastic free, recyclable, compostable - PAPACKS® IMG Granulate made of 100% organic composition, applicable in conventional injection molding machines for fine and detailed constructions, such as a screw cap.