Worldstar Winners 2019 - Lifetime Achievement in Packaging Award

Gill Loubser

South Africa
Name of recipient: 
Gillian Loubser
Personal award category: 
Lifetime Achievement in Packaging Award

In 1979 Gill Loubser was appointed editor of a group of industry and technical journals under the 'Review' umbrella. It was a controversial appointment as in the day the industry in South Africa was very male and very chauvinistic. In those early days, as a rookie editor and journalist, she learnt to network in a world of men, interfacing with captains of industry – both in this country and overseas. She was quietly assertive, placing strong emphasis on editorial excellence, always learning and keeping up to date with the science and technology involved in the industries served by the three magazines, and helping to build them to the award-winning status they enjoyed until she left the company in 2006. From 1979 until 2016, she served on the National Executive Committee of the Institute of Packaging in the role of industry liaison officer; and her contribution to the Institute’s professional image was acknowledged as far back as 1988 when she was elected an Honorary Life Member of the Institute.During her tenure as the Institute's National Chairman from 1998 to 2000, Gill also served on the board of the World Packaging Organisation. She has used her knowledge and experience to enhance the image of the packaging industry locally and internationally with a passion to share this knowledge in a manner that is easily understood by those who may not be as technically inclined but whilst still retaining the respect of those who are.

Gill Loubser's standing in the industry is also exemplified by her frequent presentations at seminars and conferences, both in this country and abroad, and numerous articles written about the South African printing and packaging industries for local and foreign media. She was also a regular judge in national and international packaging contests, such as Gold Pack and WorldStar Awards. She has a drive for packaging excellence and has used her publications and speaking engagements to bring these to the attention of the industry and community - praising where praise is due and encouraging others to meet the challenge.

From 1979 until 2016, Gill Loubser served on the National Executive Committee of the Institute of Packaging in the role of industry liaison officer; and her contribution to the Institute’s professional image was acknowledged as far back as 1988 when she was elected an Honorary Life Member of the Institute. During her tenure as the Institute's National Chairman from 1998 to 2000.  Another trailblazer for women in a male-dominated industry sector came in 1995 when she was awarded the Packaging Council of South Africa’s ‘Achiever Award’ – again the first female recipient and the first who wasn’t either a chairman or managing director of a public company! This award recognised her professionalism and the significant contribution she had made to the packaging industry. Gill also served on the board of the Packaging Council of South Africa from its inception in 1984 until 2016. addition, she's been a member of the International Packaging Press Organisation since 1979 (for most of the time the only member in Africa); and was the Organisation’s Secretary General from 2005 to 2011. Gill has received many awards over the years, including SAAFoST's Distinguished Service Award in recognition of her exceptional support to food science and technology (1993) during her years as Editor of Food Review; and being granted Honorary Life Membership of the Flexographic Technical Association of South Africa (1996). She is highly regarded and respected both in South Africa and internationally and has made close friendships and connections with a wide circle spanning her 40 year career in the industry.

The nominee has demonstrated leadership within the organisation for which she has worked, the communities in which she has lived and in the packaging business in general in the following manner: 1990, Gill was appointed Editorial Director of National Publishing. However, as this appointment represented considerably more responsibility within a fast-expanding publishing company, and also coincided with increased frequency of magazines in the Review Publications division, a restructure resulted in each magazine having its own dedicated Editor, with Gill retaining control of Packaging Review – serving an industry that particularly interested her and one in which she had become an acknowledged expert. 2003, she took on editorial responsibility for Graphix magazine after its acquisition by National Publishing, a move that started another learning curve in her career as she increasingly added printing matters to her already prodigious knowledge of packaging technology. Gill was Editorial Director and Co-Publisher of Packaging & Print Media, founded by Gill and Susi Moore, when they left National Publishing in 2006 until Dec 2017. Her standing in the industry is also exemplified by her frequent presentations at seminars and conferences, both in this country and abroad, and numerous articles written about the South African printing and packaging industries for local and foreign media. She was also a regular judge in national and international packaging contests, such as Gold Pack and WorldStar Awards.

Changes in management at National Publishing encouraged Gill to ‘make the leap’ in 2006 when she and Susi Moore founded the successful specialist packaging trade journal , Packaging & Print Media.

Shahid Sheikh OBE

Clifton Packaging Company
Name of recipient: 
Shahid Sheikh OBE
Personal award category: 
Lifetime Achievement in Packaging Award

Shahid’s commitment to the packaging industry spans decades and remains as fierce today as it ever has been.  For Shahid innovation is his watchword and this is clearly demonstrated in every area of Clifton, the multi-award winning packaging company he runs.

Shahid has expanded packaging knowledge by:

  • Creating innovative packaging products that are quite literally shaping the industry:
    • Antibac Active Guard Protection Lidding Film
    • Antibac Pouch
    • 2nd Generation of Antibac Coating with Inbuilt Tracer
    • Creating the first of its type in the UK: the One Touch CAP squeeze pouch for a chilled fresh wet protein application
    • Designing/manufacturing the first of its kind – GLOBALLY: Hopcraft Project for SAB Miller - WorldStar Award 2016
  • Gaining the latest certification for ‘Ovenable’ film.  Clifton are the only company in the UK where everything is made in-house under one roof – pouches, film, bags – everything.


Shahid supports packaging education by developing the UK’s first ‘Packaging Centre of Excellence’ which will work to raise standards in the industry as well as share the knowledge and expertise Shahid/Clifton have gained over the years.

Technical – with newspapers reporting that Supermarkets were selling chicken with traces of Campylobacter (one of the most common causes of food poisoning) on the film that was being used to lid the chicken trays, Shahid saw an opportunity to eliminate the presence of this bacteria in the food logistics chain.  Shahid ensured that Clifton was the first company to come up with a solution to permanently inhibit microbial growth on films (Antibac Active Guard Protection Lidding Film), and after extensive trials/independent laboratory testing, the developed antibacterial film coatings are proven to reduce bacteria by 99.8%.

Clifton has developed the 2nd generation of Antibac films which answers the concern that once Antibac is applied its invisible, so how could you tell which product is protected?  The short answer was that you couldn’t.  The team at Clifton added a tracker within the Antibac coating thereby proving its existence.  Think about how a £20 note is checked under a fluorescent light scanner.  Utilising similar technology (patent awarded) a special laser pen can now run over the 2nd generation Antibac coating and if there is no coating no light will show, if it is coated light will show.


Marketing – Shahid’s efforts have been focussed around increasing market share in the UK and internationally via export.  He’s done both by raising the profile of Clifton by entering and winning prestigious industry and business awards whilst simultaneously exhibiting at leading industry exhibitions across the globe.


Economic Advancement – Shahid has ensured that Clifton has more than doubled its turnover in just over three years resulting in Clifton being one of the fastest growing complete Flexible Packaging companies in the UK. Clifton now sits at £24 million t/o and he plans to increase this to £30 million by 2020.


Shahid’s packaging community-related achievements include:

  1. Inputting into the plastics debate by highlighting overlooked yet potential solutions and making people/companies/politicians aware that it’s as much about educating end users as it is about biodegradable/reusable/recyclable/fully compostable packaging (something Clifton have offered for over 10 years)
  2. Forming an alliance with the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy whereby students along with their tutors visit Clifton to find out how the business started/developed over the last 38 years
  3. Formed a relationship with a local college in Leicester who have numerous students on a design course. In order for the students to put what they have learnt into practice Shahid allows them to come to Clifton and use the facilities in his design studio. The feedback is phenomenal with the teacher reporting that she could not believe how much more motivated the students had become from just a few hours in a functioning design studio
  4. Being a STEM Ambassador
  5. Being one of just 28 Midlands Export Ambassadors appointed by the Department for International Trade to help highlight export as a viable way of growing business

Shahid Sheikh OBE was recently appointed as the Regional Chairman of the Midlands for the British Asian Trust and is also an inaugural member of a select group of 50 people of The Founders Circle.  Both are led by His Royal Highness Prince Charles.  The British Asian Trust backs sustainable solutions to the challenges of poverty and injustice, and has already touched more than four million lives in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

In 2013 Shahid was awarded the OBE. 

Keith Chessell

Personal award category: 
Lifetime Achievement in Packaging Award

Keith has had 46 years with the one company in the Food, Beverage & Confectionery industry (Parsons, Cottee’s, Schweppes, Pepsi, Cadbury, Kraft/Mondelez). Over that extensive period, he was involved in a range of management roles including raw & packaging materials procurement, research and development involving the innovation and launch of new products and the relaunch of existing products and packaging. Keith has a broad experience with food & beverage packaging materials, procurement and equipment and is recognised as a leading packaging technologist in ANZ. Over the last 17 years his focus has been in the training, education and assisting individuals and manufacturers in understanding the importance of sustainable packaging design. In more recent years he has been actively involved with the AIP in providing packaging technical expertise for industry-based Save Food Packaging and Fighting Food Waste programs for Australia and NZ

In the last ten years especially Keith has been an active volunteer for the AIP and represents the Institute and helps the industry.  He is the AIP Packaging Representative on Standards Australia, EV-021-03  "Environmental Labelling Committee, since July 2017 and the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisations Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), since March 2018. Keith has invested a significant amount of volunteer hours into the Sustainable Packaging TAC and the Standards Committee; all during his retirement. Keith also provides technical support and leadership for the AIP’s partnership in the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Fight Food Waste which commenced in December 2017. During August 2017 - November 2017, he served as the AIP’s representative on the National Food Waste Strategy Manufacturing and Distribution Supply Chain Advisory Group.

Additional experience: AIP Representative at the Parliament of Victoria, Environment and Planning Committee Inquiry into the Environment Protection Amendment (Banning Plastic Bags, Packaging and Microbeads) Bill 2016. Lecturing (2015 -2018) at University of Melbourne on Packaging and Environmental Sustainability as part of the in the AIP program for ‘Masters of Food & Packaging Innovation. Judge on the ANZ Save Food Packaging Awards 2016 and the 2017 & 2018 PIDA Sustainability & Save Food Awards. AFGC Leadership team in the development of the White Paper on Packaging Sustainability. Speaker at Packaging Industry conferences in Australia and Singapore over 13 years. Newly-appointed AIP representative on the Australian Packaging Covenant Board. Keith has been a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Packaging (FAIP) since 2008. Keith was awarded AIP Life Membership in 2018 for his recent contributions to industry education in Save Food Packaging, Fighting Food Waste and Sustainable Packaging in Australia and New Zealand

 Keith has been a significant contributor to the technical side of all of the AIP industry-based Save Food and Fighting Food Waste programs with the Federal Government National Food Waste Strategy and also the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre. Keith's packaging technical expertise have ensured that the AIP programs are realistic and suited to packaging technologists and designers. He is an integral part of this team and has invested hundreds of hours in volunteering his time and knowledge to ensure that both programs have been developed and are underway in Australia and New Zealand.


 In the period January 2003 - February 2018, Keith served as the Associate Pastor of the Canterbury Baptist Church (3 days per week). Prior to this he served as the Associate Pastor at Eltham Baptist Church (2 days), from January 2000 - December 2002. Keith served in these pastoral roles while continuing with his industry packaging roles. 

Keith has been a stalwart of the Australia and New Zealand packaging community for close to 50 years and since his retirement he has invested even more time in giving back to the industry. Keith has a true passion to ensure that packaging technologists and designers better understand Sustainable Packaging and Save Food Packaging and the AIP are proud that he is a part of the Institute. Keith Chessell is a truly kind and generous person who always helps everyone around him with no hesitation.