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Fiber Coffee Capsule
PAPACKS Sales GmbH, Euro-Caps Holding B.V.
Country: Germany
Category: Food
PAPACKS coffee capsules are a sustainable innovation that outperforms conventional plastic and aluminum capsules, embodying sustainability and responsibility in every aspect of their design.

Sustainable materials:
Crafted from renewable and FSC®-certified virgin fiber, PAPACKS coffee capsules reduce waste and optimize resource use. The plastic-free PAPACKS® Plant-Based-Coating keeps coffee fresh while maintaining the capsule's structural integrity for smooth use in coffee machines.

Compostable capsules and coffee grounds minimize environmental impact, aligning with PAPACKS' social responsibility and circular economy principles.

Superior performance:
The plant-based coating ensures that coffee stays fresh and flavorful, while the capsule's design ensures a perfect cup of coffee every time.

The perfect choice:
PAPACKS coffee capsules provide a sustainable and convenient option for enjoying great coffee, suitable for both consumers and businesses, without environmental harm.

A deserving recipient:
PAPACKS coffee capsules represent a significant stride forward in sustainable packaging, offering a guilt-free and planet-friendly choice for consumers.
At PAPACKS, we believe that sustainability is more than just about environmental protection. It's also about social responsibility and ethical business practices. We work with suppliers who share our commitment to fair treatment and compensation for their workers. We also support sustainable forestry practices and invest in renewable energy. We are continuously researching and implementing innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. For example, we are developing new ways to recycle our coffee capsules and reduce their weight. PAPACKS coffee capsules are the future of sustainable packaging. They offer a sustainable and convenient way to enjoy delicious coffee, without harming the environment.