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Coca-Cola Label-Free PET Bottle
Coca-Cola Tokyo Research & Development Company, Limited
Country: Japan
Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Our iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle was launched in 1915 with the concept of being recognized even if it was shattered or touched in the dark. The new Coca-Cola contour has evolved from this tradition by adding an element of "sustainability" with label-free feature. Also, the PET bottle is made from 100% recycled PET and the weight has been reduced by 2g. The product is drinkable size of 350ml, mainly at e-commerce channel.
By removing a label, the PET bottle doesn’t require a flat area to roll a label, which gives us more bottle design flexibility. It reproduces the unique curved shape of the traditional contour bottle, and the Coca-Cola spencer logo is dynamically placed for bolder band appeal. The logo visibility is enhanced by utilizing mold technology. We achieved to develop the next-generation PET bottle having brand equity and sustainability.
Category: SPECIAL AWARD - Sustainability
Special Award: Silver Award
The bottle is made from 100% recycled PET which emit around 60% less CO2 than conventional petroleum-based PET bottles. The Coca-Cola system in Japan aims to achieve “2030 Packaging Vision” which include using sustainable materials in PET bottles of all products by 2025 and switching to 100% sustainable materials for all PET bottles by 2030. This product can accelerate our environmental target.
The bottle weight has been reduced to 21g from the original 23g. It is the lightest level of highly carbonated drink in Japan. Furthermore, it is label free.
This product can remove hassle to peel label off and promote recycling by enhancing separate collection.
Category: President Award
Special Award: Bronze Award