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06 August 2020
Due to Covid-19, winners of WorldStar Special Awards and Student Awards will participate in a Zoom ceremony.

 August 2020 – In keeping to current circumstances, WPO (World Packaging Organisation – will host a virtual ceremony for the winners of 2020 WorldStar Special Awards and Student Awards. The ceremony will happen on two days – August 25 and 26 – due to global time zone differences.

There will be 15 winners in the Special Awards, in the categories Lifetime Achievement Award, President´s Award, Sustainability, Packaging that Saves Food and Marketing – and 12 in the Student Award. Winners are from 14 countries around the globe - Singapore, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Netherlands, USA, Finland, Brazil, Lebanon, Turkey, United Kingdom, China, South Africa.

WPO Executive team continuous searching and working on creative and innovative solutions to continue interacting with the global packaging community despite the current global circumstances. And this was not different regarding the WorldStar 2020 ceremony that had to be adapted to the pandemic moment”, explains Pierre Pienaar, President of WPO.

 WorldStar is the largest and most important global packaging award and the 2020 edition had 214 winners that attracted over 300 entries from 36 countries around the globe. The four countries most awarded in 2020 are Japan, with 34 awards for the third year running, followed by China, taking 22, Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), taking 13 collective, and Germany 12.

Packages eligible for WorldStar are those that have already received a national award recognised by WPO. Entries for the 2021 edition are open until October 19.